We’ll begin with the consultation to determine the best path for your situation then get started. I provide financial analysis, whether a brief review or full financial due diligence, then we’ll move into mediation or settlement counseling, and conclude with various reports and any document coordination needed to finalize your divorce.

Divorce is a deeply personal journey, so my process begins and ends with a focus on your needs now and in the future. My aim is to facilitate productive, analysis-driven discussions while providing a safe space for the underlying emotions to be acknowledged so you can make the best decisions for your situation. Together, we’ll find a way for you not only to survive, but thrive.

While every divorce has its own set of unique circumstances, there is a basic process that must followed in order to legally dissolve any marriage. Documents must be filed with the court and the type of divorce, exact process and timeline can vary based on the method selected. The basic methods include DIY divorce, online or internet divorce, mediated divorce, collaborative law divorce, or lawyer-driven divorce. The approach you choose will inform both how decisions are made as well as the court filing process.

During the initial complimentary consultation, we’ll discuss your situation and these methods in more detail so you can determine which is the best fit. As we move forward, whether with individual divorce financial planning or full mediation, we will determine the scope of the the process and estimate the number of meetings required to achieve your objectives. We can also discuss alternative meeting options, such as video-conferences.

Once we have created the path forward, you will have a clear understanding of how long the process may take and what information will be needed, such as financial records and child-related details.

For those going through full mediation, you may be given a list of topics to consider prior to each meeting so you feel prepared and are set up for success. Once your agreements are reached and the mediation sessions are finished, the process will conclude with court document preparation and filing. I’ll remain in touch until the dissolution is finalized in case there are any questions along the way.

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