Divorce Settlement

Concerned About Whether Your Tentative Divorce Settlement Agreement Protects You?

Whether you’re an individual who needs an expert to review your prospective settlement agreement, or a couple that would like a divorce financial specialist help you both reach an agreement that works for each of you, you’ve come to the right place.

Though I have decades of experience in the financial services and investment fields, I’ve spent the better part of the last decade focused solely on helping divorcing spouses reach the best possible agreements based on their personal or shared family goals.

I don’t offer divorce financial planning as an “add-on” service. Unlike many financial planners, I do not provide ongoing investment advisory services. Rather, I help divorcing individuals and couples to reach a financial agreement that makes sense. This allows me to offer my clients the best possible service during this difficult, life-changing event.

I Can Help You to Make Good, Forward-looking Financial Decisions in Your Divorce

Kristine Rushing
Kristine Rushing, CFP®, CDFA®, CP®, MBA

I am a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst​®, Certified Financial Planner®, Certified Paralegal and a professionally trained mediator. I know the process and stresses of divorce through and through. My training and experience allow me to help you get through your own, unique divorce.

As your divorce financial advisor, I have one goal: to help you to fully understand your financial situation so that you can make informed decisions. I want you to be able to move forward with confidence, and a sense of peace that the financial structure you rely on is sound.

I work with both individuals and couples. When you hire me as your divorce financial advisor we will engage in a thorough review of your financial situation, and I will help you to make realistic, forward-looking decisions based on solid fact.

Many couples and individuals, especially those who have worked out the details of their divorce on their own, benefit from my Two-hour Marital Settlement Review – a cost effective and timely option to assure yourself that you’ve got your “ducks in a row.”

The unpleasant truth of divorce is that it is often a significant financial challenge to go from one household with shared income to dual households with individual incomes. We confront that fact head on and together, so that you can make informed decisions about your financial future. It is mission critical that you understand how valuing and dividing assets can impact your financial future, in the short-term and over time.

When working with couples, and true to my training as a mediator, I strive to ensure that both you and your spouse are able to make mutually acceptable decisions with a minimum of rancor. Importantly, working with me as a neutral party can help you to keep your divorce out of court.

Let’s Get Started with a Free, No-obligation 30-Minute Consultation

I will be happy to provide you (or you and your spouse) a free, 30-minute complimentary consultation. There is no obligation to hire me and no cost to you. During the consultation I will explain further what you should expect from my divorce financial review process.